AES Trap Options

AES Traps and Tools are proud to offer its customers these trap options that are offered as an upgrade to any trap we offer. We see the need that the Wildlife Control Operators/ Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators have for quality traps and options that speed up your on location time. Our options that we offer will extend the life of your traps or increase your productivity and speed up your on scene time. Our options can see below:

Formula One Double Dip Option

AES Highly Recommends Formula One Trap Dip Option

AES Traps and Tools offers you the option of double dipping your order in Formula One trap dip. We highly recommend this option to preserve your traps and prevent corrosion that may affect your traps catch rate. We double dip your traps in Formula One after we complete the construction of your traps. You can see the product description below:

After years of testing and trial runs, we are proud to say we have formulated the best ever in trap dip. It’s easy to use,  odor free and is unlike anything you’ve ever used. This  formula is water-based and adheres easily to all types of metal. Clean (degrease) all traps and snares thoroughly  before treating.

Formula One dries to the touch in two hours and can be  used on the trap line in 24 hours. It’s that easy! Stronger than a dye, more durable than paint.

This trap option is offered for $2.00 per trap.

AES Bait/Transfer Door Option

Transfer-Bait door option allows for on the job transfer of your catch.

AES Bait/Transfer Door Option in use.

AES Traps & Tools offers our customers the option to add a Bait/Transfer door onto any of our traps. This door speeds up  your productivity and allows you the option to bait your traps and transfer your catches without taking down the trap. This will speed your daily trap check and increase your productivity throughout your day.

This option cost $4.00 per trap.

Custom Trap Design and Construction

AES Custom Trap Design and Construction is offered on a case by case basis.

AES Traps and Tools is proud to offer its customers the Custom Design and Construction option. If you have a trap design in mind and would like to see this design in use you can contact us to request this design into production. If we are able to build your trap we will supply you with a price quote before any construction begins. If you would like custom design and construction of a trap please contact us at for more information and pricing.