Weasel Traps

While a small trap is ideal for a short-tailed or long-tailed weasel, you may need an extra-small, mouse-sized trap for a least weasel – the average of which is only 8 inches long and 2.5 oz. Be sure to place your trap on an even, level surface to ensure proper function of the trigger-and-close mechanism.

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The Fast Track to Weasel TrappingThe best baits for weasel traps include liver, fish and chicken entrails. As weasels or notorious meat eaters, just about any type of fresh meat will also suffice. Some professional trappers suggest creating a trail of oats or grain leading up to the trap’s entrance.

Baits: Any fresh bloody meat is a good bait for weasels. These include mink, muskrat, rabbit, and chicken. Also, weasel carcasses are good bait. Use a good weasel lure with the combination of bait, this will increase your catch. Place bait and lure in the center of the box.

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