Safeguard Live Traps

Since 1982 consumers have put their trust in Safeguard Products. The Safeguard brand name has become synonymous with high quality products. We are a leading manufacturer of non-lethal box traps for control of nuisance wildlife and products for the control of rodents.. Our live animal traps are the traps of choice throughout the pest control industry.

How to Set a SafeGuard Live Cage Trap Model 50450. Setting Live Traps!Now organizations communicate with residents about how and when to trap displaced pets and provide specific days … try to establish an online map that displays data about which pets live where, …

Raccoon Traps prompting the need for additional traps. Two additional raccoons were captured inside the school Thursday, which officials … Raccoons are

Safeguard live traps. safeguard 54130 Professional Raccoon Cage Trap 30" x 11" x 12" – Slide Release Back.

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Safeguard animal traps are made with Galfan™ wire as opposed to common galvanized wire. Independent testing has shown that Galfan™ has a much higher corrosion resistance, resulting in a three-times longer life than traps made with common galvanized wire.

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SafeGuard’s Live Animal Pigeon Trap has a single compartment trap that measures 28” x 24” x 8” High, has 8 entry doors, a top unloading door and will hold up to 30 pigeons. This live animal trap is constructed of 1”x2”-14 gauge galvanized wire.

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