Raccoon Traps

prompting the need for additional traps. Two additional raccoons were captured inside the school Thursday, which officials …

Raccoons are invading a rental home and the people who live … "We are working with the tenant and our pest control to …

Tomahawk Live Traps 2 Where are they made? I made more than 1,000 of them right here at my shop. Since last March,

Best Raccoon Traps And Cages. Raccoons are one of the most adaptive animals you’ll likely encounter. They can live in a wide range of habitats and can co-exist with humans. However, they can also cause significant amounts of damage, especially if they find a way into your house. They may get into your trash or destroy your garden too.

Dec 22, 2014  · big live cage-type raccoon Traps 12”-15” Two traps, OxGord Live Animal Trap 12" and havahart 1081 live animal 15” have rightfully made it to the very top. They are best selling products. These traps are suitable for catching raccoons, small dogs, foxes, and other animals of similar size.

Raccoon trapping sets regardless of bait – Raccoon trapping sets usually refers to the type of trap set out in the woods for the purpose of fur trapping. A homeowner with a nuisance issue is better off using a cage trap or calling in a professional.

Coon Trapping - Cheap and Easy (Overnight Success)The school district hired a pest control company that set traps in the ceiling and caught a mother raccoon. They later caught …

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