Belisle Body Grip Traps

Ice won’t form on the slips either – the second the crystals come together, they slide off. Nor can insects get a grip – an ant, climbing after a dollop of jam, slips off just as it would on the rim …

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Belisle #150 Super X Body Grip Trap Made in Canada Each for Raccoon, Marten and Fisher

Chipmunk Traps Mar 01, 2016  · The Havahart 1025 Live Animal Two-Door Chipmunk, Small Squirrel, Rat, and weasel cage trap (check current price)

Belisle Body Grip Traps. The #120 Super X Belisle Double spring body grip Trap has a 4 1/2" jaw spread. The #160 Super X Belisle Double Spring Body Grip Trap has a 6" jaw spread. The #220 Super X Belisle Double Spring Body Grip Trap has a 7" jaw spread.

Best Conibear Beaver Trap - Belisle 330Minnesota Trapline Products carries Belisle Body Grip Traps for your trapping supply needs. We carry a huge inventory and your order will be shipped promptly. Shopping Cart

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Belisle # 160 Body Grip Trap. Magnum Style Super X. Jaw Spread = 6" x 6". Special rounded jaw makes a Magnum style complete closure. belisles also have a special Security Safety Hook standard on all springs for easier setting. target animal: fisher, Groundhog, Marten, Nutria, Raccoon, Skunk.

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